Making a Catalog Live/Current

Once you have requested to publish a new catalog initially through our support team, the newly published catalog can be made current/live immediately or this can be delayed to give you time to review the newly published book prior to making it accessible.

To make the catalog/handbook live, there are a few updates required on this end before giving the IT team/Webmaster the new link to update the institution's website.

Catalog Drop Down List

To make the new catalogs appear in the drop down menu, check the "Show in catalog list" checkbox and republish the catalog cover:

An example drop down menu of catalogs on a live catalog:

Drop down menu

What it might look like once published and the selected catalog is not included in the drop down menu:

Show Catalog uncheck

To include the selected catalog in the catalog drop down menu, check the box as indicated:

Show Catalog Check

Make sure you uncheck the Include Subitems/Related items if wanting to publish just the selected catalog cover item when making this change:

Publishing without subitems

Updating the Archive Page

Add a link to the new catalog on the All Catalogs page.  This is done through the Institution item's Rich Text Editor:

Access Institution

Add the text, then create an internal link referencing the new catalog.

To complete this procedure, open the Rich Text Editor:

Institution RTE

Enter the new text where it is needed:

RTE enter text

Highlight the new text and click the Internal Link button:

Highlight - Internal Link

Select the indicated catalog from the content tree on the left by double clicking it or using the arrows in the middle of the windows:

Select Catalog

Save your changes and publish the institution item.

Make sure you uncheck the Include Subitems/Related items when publishing this item.

Publishing without subitems

Current URL Update

If there is a current redirect within your catalog content tree, update it with the new catalogs, remove the previous catalogs and publish.

To complete this procedure, first locate the current redirect. NOTE: If you do not have this redirect, you do not need to complete these steps.

Current Redirect

Click "Edit", and double click the catalog that is currently in the "Selected" window.  Then select the new catalog from the content tree on the left, double click to add this catalog to the "Selected" window:

Current Redirect Editing

Click "OK", save your changes and republish the redirect.

Alternatively, you may not have a redirect item in the content tree, but the calendar item of the current catalogs may be labeled as "Current" instead:

Current Rename

To update this, first Rename the "Current" to the year that it needs to be.  You will want to update the Rename and the Display Name, both available in the Home tab.

When this is updated, publish the calendar item without including the subitems in the publish.

Then update the new current catalog calendar item with the word "Current".  This is going to be updated in the Rename and the Display Name.  Republish without including the subitems in the publish.

NOTE: If you have a current redirect and are using it to embed access to the catalog from your website, there may be no need to provide you IT team with a new link.  Updating this redirect will instantly make your new current catalog accessible from your website.