Security Editor and Access Viewer:

Both the Security Editor and Access Viewer buttons will launch these security windows for the catalog administrator.  It is very important to understand the function of each of these features prior to using them.

Security Buttons

Security Editor:

The Security Editor is where securities are assigned to specific roles created within the Role Manager. 

There is no other reason to open the Security Editor unless you are checking if a specific role has the right securities assigned or are assigning securities to a new role just created.

The Security Editor is not used to assign access to catalog/curriculum items to user profiles.  Assigning permissions is done through attached specific roles from the Role Manager to user profiles as needed.

Security Editor

Access Viewer:

The Access Viewer is simply a viewer that will give you a general idea of a roles security access to items within the catalog.  Nothing can be edited or changed within the Access Viewer, it simply shows what can be accessed with a given role.

Access Viewer