Uploading Media

  1. Access to the Media Library is located in the lower left hand of the screen, on the Launchpad, or from the start menu:     

     Media Upload Button 2

    Media Upload Button

  2. Once the Media Library is displayed on your screen, drill down in the folders on the left in the Media Library’s content tree. From selecting the school’s name folder or any other sorting folders within, you may add a “New Folder” to organize new media, or upload it directly into the folder selected by clicking “Upload file” or "Upload files (advanced)" to upload multiple files.

     Media Library

  3. Once you click an upload button, a window is launched allowing you access to your computer’s files. Find and select the image/document you wish to upload. Double click or select “Open” when you have selected the image/document that you wish to upload within your files.
  4. The media items you have selected will upload once the Upload button is pushed in the lower right corner of the Upload window. Images that are uploaded will have an empty "Alt" field.  This is regarding the Alt Text of the image. You can select the uploaded image, once they are visible in the content tree and click “Lock and Edit” to edit the Alt field once they are uploaded. Save any changes made.
    NOTE: Text has to be added to the Alt field.

     Image Lock/Edit

    Alt Field

  5. Publish all newly uploaded items within the Media Library. This is for preparing these items to be published among the pages they are selected for throughout the catalog.  See Publishing for the procedure to publish. This step must be completed to enable the images/documents uploaded to be visible/accessible once published throughout the catalog.
  6. Once your media is published in the Media Library, it is ready to be used within the catalog.