Logging In

Recommended Browsers: Chrome or Firefox

There are known compatibility issues with IE

SSO login: yourinstitution.smartcatalogiq.com/login

Username/Password: Institution credentials

Direct Login URL: yourinstitution.smartcatalogiq.com/sitecore/login

Username: institutiondomain\username

Password: The default password initially set up is the institution domain with asterisks, always lowercase, at least 8 characters or more: ex. sti*****, smart***, university* 

Both are caps sensitive.

Remember me

Password Requirements

When logging directly into the SmartCatalog system, the password assigned to you and any password going forward must be at least 8 characters and include one special character.

If you are logging in via SSO - the password belongs to your institution credentials and follows those rules.

Forgot your password

Sometimes, we forget our passwords and we need to reset them without being able to login to the dashboard. 

When this occurs, there is a Forget your password? button on the login page that can be accessed:

Forgot Password

Using the "Forgot Your Password" feature

When logging in directly, if you forget your password, you can use the "Forgot your password?" button on the login page to generate an email from the system so you can reset your password and login.

Please note: If you are logging in via SSO, you need to contact your IT department or catalog administrator to reset a forgotten password.


Click the Forget your password? button on the login page.


The window will change to display a field to input your system username.  This field will not function with an email - it requires the username used to log into the catalog system. 

This username is the domain name of your school\username, just as if you are logging in. Ex. myinstitution\myusername

Forgot Password Name

Once you insert your username and click the Send button, there will be a message that confirms an email was sent to the address affiliated with the populated username:

Forgot Password Message

The system will use the email attached to this username to send you a new generated password to login with.

Forgot Password Email


Copy the password supplied in the email and go back to the login page.  Insert the new password into the Password field and populate your username in the Username field.  Click Log in.

Changing the Password

Your new password must be at least eight characters long and include at least one special character

If you change your password and do not meet these requirements a server error will appear the next time you login.

If this occurs, please contact SmartCatalog/catalog administrator to have your password reset.

We strongly recommend to bookmark the URL you use to access the catalog as well as check the "Remember me" checkbox and save your username/password within the browser you are using most frequently.  This allows you to login without error every time.

To Change your Password

From the catalog system dashboard, access the Control Panel:

Control Panel Button


Within the Control Panel, click the Change password button:

Control Panel


Once the window opens, you will have fields to enter in your current password and then update to a new password:

Change Password Window


Once you have clicked "Change password", a new window will confirm the password change:

Change Password Acceptance


Administrator Access to Changing Passwords

Catalog Administrators have the ability to update any user related passwords via the User Manager:

User Manager Button


Select the user profile that requires a password change and then click the "Change Password" button:

Admin Change Password


If you do not know the current password, you can use the Generate button to generate a random password and then paste it within the Old Password field or simply provide the randomly generated password to the user. When a password is generated with the Generate button it will automatically change the existing password to the randomly generated one.



If you have chosen to use the automatically generated password to populate the Old Password field and continue to create a new password for the user, copy the generated password and paste it into the Old Password field.

Old Password


Then create a new password (at least 8 characters including one special character), and confirm it:

New and Confirmed


This completes updating the password for the selected user profile.

Password Changed