Step 3: Promote an item through Workflow

When you have made the final edits to an item, you can promote it in the workflow so that it can be Reviewed and Approved. Once it has gone through the final workflow state, it will be available to be published to the live catalog.


  • Admins/Approvers: Keep items moving through the workflow. When an item is stuck in the workbox or in “Admins to Remove Versions” or “Admins to Delete”, it WILL leave an item unavailable for editing to other users. Check your workbox like you check your email.
  • All other general users, promote/demote everything in your workbox eventually.  As long as it is locked by you, it cannot be accessed by other users or approved to be published.
  • The workbox is a graphical representation of the workflow steps that an item needs to go through before it can be published and show on the website. It is not the editor – just a list of the items that you are responsible for. You can go to the editor FROM the workbox.
  • Editors will only see the first draft level, while the Administrators will see all levels of the workbox.
  • If you have something locked, it will only be in YOUR workbox. No one else’s unless it is unlocked - then it will be visible in user workboxes who have similar access roles.
  • There is only one version of each item allowed in workflow – this is so there will not be confusion between multiple versions of an item in the workflow simultaneously. 
  • Versions must be in an approved state (unseen from workbox) to be eventually published. Nothing can be displayed on the live site until it is approved and published.
  • Users temporarily lose permission to access an item when it’s been promoted in the workflow beyond their assigned workflow role or it is locked by another user. If locked by another user, once approved through the workflow, the item is available to other users and can be locked/edited for further edits if needed.  This new version created when it is locked again, will then be sent through the workflow to be approved and replace the previous version when published.
  • The Yellow Warning Bar will display what version will be published and whether you have access to this item currently or not. It will also display the user's name if locked by someone else.
  • The Workflow box within the Review tab will display what workflow state an item is in if it is not accessible to you.