Frequently Asked Questions

I can't login. I got a server error when I tried again.

If you were unsuccessful the first time and try again it can give you a server error. You will need to refresh your page. Double check the following before contacting your administrator.

Check your URL: or make sure you are using your Single Sign On (SSO) login. If you are unsure which URL to use, check with your project manager.

Check your Username: Often times the wrong slash is used in the username. Make sure that you are using (\). The username will be yourdomain\username or your SSO credentials.

Check your Password: The default password will be your domain (what was used at the beginning of your username) with asterisk(*) up to eight characters. If your domain is eight or more characters long it will only have one asterisk(*) at the end. Users will often use too many or too few asterisk when entering their password for the first time.

After you successfully login for the first time bookmark your page.

See Logging In for more information.

I can't login, but I was able to yesterday.

If you changed your password the last time you logged in that is likely what is causing the problem. Your password needs to be 8 characters long with one special character. If your new password doesn't fit this criteria, ask your administrator to reset your password.

Why can't I access this item?

There are a couple of reasons that can prevent you from accessing an item. If another user is editing an item it will be locked until that item goes through workflow. Another possibility is you may not have permission to the item in question. If that is the case contact your schools administrator to grant you the permissions to access the item(s).

I can't get the export button for print to work.

If you are in the system for awhile, the print button might need to be refreshed. You can do this by hitting the "Content Editor" tab in the bottom left of the screen or refresh the page (F5). For some unknown reason, if you add the Export button to your "My Toolbar" tab at the top of the screen, this button may never or rarely need to be refreshed. See Customizing My Toolbar for more information.

When I exported the catalog to print I got a server error or errors were noted in the catalog. What should I do?

If you receive a server error, please contact us at

If you were given a list of errors when exporting you can navigate to the items listed to try and figure out the problem. The errors are usually related to course lists. Check and see if there is a course in the course selector that was deleted or if an item that isn't a course is appearing in the list. After those are removed, the error should go away when you export the catalog again. If the error continues to persist after investigating the problem, please contact us.

One of the items or sections didn't export to print and/or isn't showing up in the navigation on the site.

There are two checkboxes that have to be checked in order for an item to export to print and show in the navigation on the site. Double check that the "Include in Print" and "Show in Navigation" checkboxes are checked for the item(s) in question. See Checkboxes for more information.

I was adding content to an item, but the text isn't displaying or exporting to word correctly.

Text has to be pasted as Plain Text. Almost all formatting issues we find are related to content being pasted within the rich text editor but not as plain text. The issues are not always noticed until users try to export the document to print. The web template is forgiving and can look okay when it actually isn't. If a red bar appears next to the item you are editing, it most likely has a formatting issue. The easiest way to fix this is to select all of the content in the editor, cut it, and re-paste it as plain text, use the list button to add any lists, apply the rest of the text with the Body Text style by assigning each individual paragraph and then look at applying SubHeadings and other styles. See Editing Content in the Rich Text Editor for more information on styling and pasting text.

The image I added in the content editor is not displaying on the published site.

After an image is uploaded in the Media Library it has to be published within the Media Library or it will show a broken image icon when published throughout the catalog. Contact your administrator or us at to publish the Media folder. For more information on uploading and publishing, see Media Library or Publishing.

A cloned item isn't changing when we update the shared content anymore, what happened?

A clones link to its parent item can break for a couple of reasons. The clone may have been edited instead of the shared content item or the clone was moved through workflow and approved when the shared content item should have been the only item promoted through workflow. For more information on clones, see Editing/Creating Cloned Items.

I want to rollover my catalog to the new year, what should I do?

Please contact us at if you wish to rollover your catalog(s) to a new year. There are things we check for before duplicating your catalog(s). Do NOT try rolling over the catalog on your own.