Updating the Archive Page

Add a link for the new catalog on the All Catalogs archive page. This is the landing page for all "All Catalog" buttons in the navigation menu of the published catalog pages.  

Example of a client archive catalog page:

Client Example Archive page


This link is placed on the Institution item's (item in the tree labeled with the institutions name, and represented by a yellow building icon) Rich Text Editor. Select the institution item, and click the "Show Editor" button to open the Rich Text Editor:

Access Institution

Enter the new text where the new link should be located, as seen by the black text example below:

RTE enter text

Highlight the new text and click the Internal Link button:

Highlight - Internal Link

Select the indicated catalog from the content tree within the tab labeled Internal Link. You may need to expand sections to locate it for selection.

Please note, you are selecting the catalog item - not the calendar year:

BE 23

Select Catalog item

Save your changes and publish the institution item.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please ensure you uncheck the "Include Subitems/Related items" in the publisher window when publishing this item.

Publishing without subitems