Yearly Maintenance of Curriculum Management

  • Relink Forms to Current Catalog Year
    • Your curriculum management forms should populate with the most current programs and courses. Each year, your forms will need to be updated to pull from the most current catalog. Our support team can assist you with this request.
    • Recommendation: relink your forms at the same time that you request a Catalog rollover
  • Move/Replace all Ready for Catalog items into Catalog
  • Audit forms to ensure they contain the most up to date information
  • Update user accounts and permissions as they may change from year to year.
    • Things to consider:
      • Have you had changes in Deans or Department chairs who are responsible for approval proposals within workflow?
      • Have you had changes in organizational structure? How does this impact your workflow?
      • Are there new members of workflow that need their permissions updated?
  • Consider filtering approved proposals dashboard by academic year for improved organization and searching. Contact Support to assist with this request. 
  • Clear out inactive Draft and Removed proposals from folders: Deleting Proposals

Want to learn even more? Refer to the 'Yearly Maintenance of Catalog & Curriculum' Webinar Recording